About Me

Aloha! My name’s Zadie G, born to the Boomer Generation and proud of it!

I’ve been a TV freak since I was 2-years old looking up at Captain Kangaroo every morning, by age 7 I’d added a love of movies thanks to Mr Disney and the the size of the silver screen. By age 9 I’d memorized the winners of the top five categories of Academy Awards since its first ceremony back in 1929, something I kept up doing until I turned 17.

Hell Yes!!! I LOVE da movies, TV, and other types of filmed content that haven’t been given a proper name, though Jeff Katzenberg has got the ball rolling on that with Quibi…

Face it – I love losing myself into a story, being sucked into a large, medium, or small screen, being one with a character or all of them…

I LOVE being ENTERTAINED!!! Having a BA in Sociology (and presently working on my MA in Journalism) I love to see how what’s on the screen relates to my life, how it reflects what my society and world are about at the moment, were at that moment in the past, or how writers/film makers believe they will be in the future – how the film/show relates to society as a whole and how society relates to it.

The three questions on my mind while and after viewing the work typically are: Is/Was this thing entertaining? Am I feeling my time and $$ have will be/have been well spent? How did it relate to Us, to Our world and to Our present moment?

My overall reasons for this blog are as such: I will present reviews of movies I liked enough to recommend you see them immediately or tell you to wait until they show up on your Amazon Prime or some network/app. Occasionally, if I find a showing on either format that sufficiently provokes me to, I’ll present a negative review, and if it’s an issue within the entertainment industry that illicits a negative or positive response, I’ll post my version of an op-ed about it under the ‘NEWS’ tab.

I truly dislike most of Rotten Tomato’s ‘professional’ staff critics; I hate most movie websites with ‘professional’ critics that rate or critique any type of digital or celluloid content from a highbrow perspective. I am not a film student wanting to dismantle every technical aspect of the thing or what they think/assume the film makers are trying to tell me – I just frickin’ want to be entertained and decide for myself what the film meant to me!!! If on the way I’m educated by it or inspired by a call to action, great! But the most important factor is that despite all of that, the darn thing first and foremost has to be entertaining!!!

I’m sick and tired of seeing undeserved five star ratings and/or reading reviews by ‘professional’ critics bitchin’ about how wonderful a film/series is, which then inspired me to spend the price of a ticket or the subscription price of a streaming channel to view it, not to mention my time, only to leave me not just disappointed, but totally pissed off because it was beyond bad.

Worse yet is when these critics bash a film or show, I heed their warnings, don’t watch it, and days months, maybe years later do watch it only to find it was fabulous.

Can’t these stuffed shirt critics see or do they even care that they’d have nothing to critique if tickets didn’t sell? Or why is it that Hollywood politics looks a lot like Washington politics – or is that the other way around???

Whatever – I just want to be entertained, even if I get the heck scared outta me or I cry a little… It doesn’t mean I have to laughing or have a serenely contented look on my face through it all…

The purpose of this blog is to help its readers circumvent the later so as to help them decide how best to spend their money and time when they get a hankerin’ for some entertainment. If I take the time to write about it, I’m either loving it or very much hating it, there is rarely room for anything in between. Kinda like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi on NBC (YouTube clip)

Along the way I’ll probably introduce you to – if you’re under 50 – and/or reintroduce you to great films, film makers, studios and stars of the present, and the past, too. And because I’m unconventional, I may not review a film or show until it’s been out a week or two but that doesn’t mean I won’t be posting other stuff regularly.

So if you’re not put off by the occasional spoiler because you’re going to watch it anyways – you may know what’s coming, but seeing it come alive on the screen is an entirely different thing – but you’re tired of being misled by the professional critics and their sycophant – flunky/brown nosing wannabes…

If you want to know you’re going to get the best bang for your buck & time no matter where, when or how you watch a film or smaller screen show, and if you enjoy open conversations with me and your fellow readers about entertainment topics and subjects, either through comments, chats or webinars, then this is the place for You!

Here’s to entertaining and getting to know ya!

I’m Outta Here… Zadie G