Yesterday: A Boomer’s Nightmare = Really Great Entertainment

What IF the Boys from Liverpool and their music had never existed???

Dude, When’d You Write THAT?

Actually, it would theoretically be a nightmare for the entire world because the Beatles’ music was a major catalyst, the reason behind so much of the music that’s been created since… Even Ed Sheeran says his songs have been heavily influenced by the Foursome

Yesterday’s director Danny Boyle along with writers Jack Barth (story) and Richard Curtis (screenplay), have followed in the tradition of Frank Capra’s moralistic fantasy movie It’s a Wonderful Life where the leading character has an accident only to awaken in an alternate reality where they don’t exist, which is what happened in Capra’s film to George Bailey played by James Stewart. George wakes from a a car wreck to wander around Bedford Falls completely invisible, watching what life in the little town would have been like if he had never been born.

(By the by, screenwriter Richard Curtis gave us the likes of 1999’s Notting Hill, 2001’s Bridget Jones’s Diary and 2003’s Love Actually – All Entertaining!!!)

The film Yesterday, kicks off with a fantastical moment where the entire planet looses power for 12 seconds (it’s the middle of the night in the U.S.), during which time contract musician Jack wonderfully played by Himesh Patel, who’s biking home from his “last gig,” gets hit by a bus, is hurtled through the air to land hard, only to wake up missing two front teeth, finding his guitar smashed to bits and is soon to find out that while unlike George Bailey, Jack is visible to those around him, but that no one in the World has never heard about The Beatles or their music – except him – because they’d never existed and …

Why Sixty-Four?
Profitable Cosmic Happenstance

Jack is quickly led to realization that he can capitalize on this cosmic sin of omission in a BIG way through the insistence of Kate McKinnon’s blatantly greedy record label exec character Deborah Hammer (Me thinks a pun was intended), only to predictably returns to his senses as to what’s really important in life, like girlfriend Ellie Appleton, played by the lovely and versatile Lily James . Very reminiscent of George Bailey… Just Sayin’…

We Take Most It…
On The Spot w/ James Corden…

What’s not to like about this Beatles tribute musical underdog fantasy, with appearances by Ed Sheeran and James Corden? It’s funny, poignant, full of the music that shaped our lives and that we still love, and very well performed by Himesh Patel who really can sing!

Go See This Film!

Until next time…

I’m Outta Here! ~ Zadie G

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